Monthly Planner Layout

Monthly Bullet Journal Spread: TIME CHALLENGE!

A monthly bullet journal spread is one of my favorite and most used layouts. Although I spend most of my time in Dailies, Monthlies are great for keeping a ‘forest for the trees’ long-range view. I typically use them to plan and keep an eye on upcoming appointments and events.

Since I like to have these layouts available at least 3-4 months in advance, I usually create several in each new bullet journal I’m setting it up. This made it a great candidate for a timed challenge.

How fast can YOU draw a Monthly Spread in your bullet journal?

In this timed challenge, I used 3 methods:

  1. Count and Calculate
  2. Grid Spacing Cheat Sheet
  3. The Grid Tool

FULL DISCLAIMER: I hadn’t drawn a calendar layout in months (since my last Bujo notebook setup), so I had no recent practice or memory to rely on. I used the same dot grid A5 size notebook (ME to We brand from Walgreens) all three times. And, if you watch closely, you can see me mess up a few times (oops!). But I bet you’d get similar results if YOU took the challenge:

  1. Count and Calculate: completed in over 13 minutes
  2. Grid Spacing Cheat Sheet: completed in almost 10 minutes
  3. The Grid Tool: completed in UNDER 4 and a half minutes!

Using The Grid Tool, I was able to create a Monthly Spread up to 3x faster than counting and calculating or using a grid spacing cheat sheet!

How do you create your bujo layouts?

If you use methods 1 or 2, do you LIKE spending all that time counting and calculating (I don’t!)? Wouldn’t you rather use a magic wand to evenly space rows and columns for Pinterest-perfect layout the first time, every time – in less than half the time (I do!)?

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What will YOU create today?

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