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What’s The Worst Thing About Bullet Journaling?

“What’s the worst thing about Bullet Journaling?” has been on my mind for a while because my brain’s second default mode is to think about how to make things better, but it’s first default mode, unfortunately, is to ruminate inside itself.

I’m still learning how to get around that first one, and one method for doing that is to ask questions on Quora. So I pushed past the persistent gatekeeper in my head and posted it the other day. “Maybe I’m not the only person in the world who’s had the same question?”, I thought. Then I asked a few people to help answer it and promptly ignored my email the rest of the day.

Fast-forward less than 24 hours later, and to my surprise, it had almost 100 views and three answers! As of today, it has over 1200 views and 4 answers. That’s WAAAY more than I’ve brainstormed by my little ‘ole self in the past several weeks; I could get used to this!

The Worst Things About Bullet Journaling

The people who’ve answered so far have brought up some excellent points.

I agree that the phrase "Bullet Journaling" itself is a bit of a misnomer, only because most people use it as a planning and task management system rather than a free-form, self-exploratory writing exercise.

Others have pointed out physical limitations - the most popular A5 (approximately 5"x8") Bullet Journal size can feel a bit limiting, but a larger-sized book is hard to carry around everywhere.

Still others have mentioned Pinterest-envy; wanting to make beautiful, inspirational layouts, but also not wanting to spend all that time perfecting them.

One Solution

For that last problem, I have a solution. Go check out The Grid Tool if you haven't already. It will cut your layout-creation time down by at least half.

So what do you think?

Did anyone's answer match your own opinion or do you have a different take on it? I'd love to hear your thoughts - leave a comment below or answer directly on Quora and see if your answer gets some upvotes!

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